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The Cold Weather problems continue for Peyton Manning.

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I'm sure a sorority girl has experience the same exact thing.
Britt McHenry Sara Walsh

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Walsh vs McHenry on NFL Divisional Playoff Saturday

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That is one way to get out of jury duty.

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Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is court side as his team is battling the Lakers at the Staples Center. Ballmer is known for...

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My New Year's resolution is to watch more hot chicks working out while showing massive amounts of cleavage?

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Aaron Boone? Aaron BLEEPING Boone?

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Pass Interference or No Pass Interference, Jerry Jones always makes sure that someone is play his ball(s)

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Tubby Traitor.
florida gators shit pants

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That's shitty.

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If you poop in public, you're a weirdo.

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"Calm the Fuck Down" and watch our show.

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It will be tough to steal crab legs while still suffering the effects of a RKO

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"Calm the fuck down, or we'll all be caught stealing crab legs."

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What's up with this whole blowing another man's face.