Marcus Mariota Heisman ceremony

0 17
Don't they make a forehead sweat stick?

1 16
Everyone who voted for you, hates the Cowboys.
Jose Canseco finger

2 18
Jose Canseco's finger is now just a little bit less gross.
Gronk cat

0 28
Gronk, how are you spaghetti arms?
hannah storm milf

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What's up, older lady. You still got some game.
Amanda Dufner hot

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Mismatch of the Century

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Hot wife, hot daughters...oh my god, I'm on FIRE!

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Nothing says "Shitty Season" like a tie in the record books.

0 58
The fact that Dwight Howard was rejected by a porn star is hilarious.
Josh Reddick winch

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Throw in a case of Miller High Life and we'll call this a deal.

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Calm down, spaz.

0 67
So long, gay boys!
Nacho Guy Alabama

1 263
These nachos are made with real Lane Kiffin tears after Nick Saban berates him.
Jay Cutler smoking pilgrim

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Smokin' Jay Cutler, Thanksgiving Edition.
Lions fans Thanksgiving

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Upset of the year...unless they're father/daughter of the year.

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I just hope it's not one of those stupid electronic cigarettes.