Little Kid Throws Punches In Texans/49ers Upper Deck Fan Fight


In the most recent episode of the Ride The Pine podcast  [WATCH NOW Goodbye Andy Roddick] we highlighted a little kid throwing some punches in a fan fight that took place during the August 18th preseason game between the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers.  Our good friends at BustedCoverage found the video [and screen grab below] and made the amazing discovery of the little kid at the :45 mark unloading on some dude.

The video might beat out our number one ranked fan fight of 2012 that featured a Red Sox fan getting kicked down a few rows in Yankee Stadium.

Its no surprise that fights like this happen in the nose-bleed section of stadiums because you definitely can’t see the game from up there.¬† I’m just surprised how many chicks were involved.



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