San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro Crushes Charles Barkley

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro Crushes Charles Barkley

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Game. Set. Match. San Antonio

So here is the back story.  After the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Los Angeles Clippers to advance to the Western Conference Finals, TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley made some not-so flattering remarks about the city of San Antonio.

Talking about the women of San Antonio:  “It’s a goldmine for Weight Watchers.”

In reference to the famous River Walk: “I’m going to go down to the creek.”

Back to their “large” women: “Victoria is a secret down there.  Those women can’t wear Victoria’s Secret underwear down there.  They got bloomers.”

In response to Barkley’s jokes, San Antonio’s 37 year-old mayor Julian Castro put together the video above and just crushes Barkley.  I don’t know anything about this guy’s politics but I’d vote for him.

Castro went right for the jugular talking about – Barkley’s lack of championships, showing a picture of Barkley dressed in drag, and a video clip of Barkley’s terrible golf swing.

Shit, I bet that hurt like a Chicago Bulls sweep.


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