Mr. T Scored A Goal During Blackhawks “Shoot The Puck” Game

Mr. T Scored A Goal During Blackhawks “Shoot The Puck” Game

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First off, I’m glad to see that Mr. T is still alive. I could’ve sworn that he died a couple of years ago.  The former star of The A Team participated in the Chicago Blackhawks intermission competition called “Shoot The Puck” and did exactly what you would expect Mr. T to do – be awesome.

The video above is from the local Comcast Sportsnet feed in Chicago and features T enjoying a pre-competition meal in a luxury suite while rocking a baby blue Old Navy sweatshirt as the announcers get excited for his upcoming appearance on ice.  The video fast-forwards to Mr. T being interviewed by reporter Susannah Collins, who he calls Savannah, and drops his most famous Rocky III line as his prediction for the hockey challenge.


The objective for the contest is to try and hit the puck through one of the three tiny slots in a Coke Zero advertisements.  T missed bad his first two attempts but on his third try he scored right through the middle opening.

The crowd went wild.

I’m not sure what the rules are for the competition but the one downer was that after T scored the goal and celebrated with the crowd, the officials made him complete the contest with three more attempts.  He missed all of them and it sort of took the air out of the crowd that was completely jacked after the goal.

The video below is on the Blackhawks website and gives some behind-the-scenes footage of the event, in which T made reference to the officials making him take more shots after his goal to having to fight a rematch with Rocky Balboa after beating him the first time.