Man Licks Urinal Wall and I think I’m going to Vomit

Man Licks Urinal Wall and I think I’m going to Vomit

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My stomach seriously does not feel well after I watched this video.

University of Washington celebrates its finally season in Husky Stadium before being torn down and this might be the biggest highlight since Steve Emtman bleached blond gotee.

This guy was challenged $50 to lick the urinal wall inside the bathroom.


This dude must be one poor son-of-a-bitch.

I’m going to throw up now…

[Credit: Deadspin]

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I haven't been able to watch this video a second time...Just the smell of a giant trough like urinals makes me gag. The only thing that would've made this video better, is if an even drunker guy came in and started pissing all over this dude.

Jack Kasaback
Jack Kasaback

Let's just hope all the alcohol in his mouth is enough to kill whatever lives on that wall. What a fucktard! Apparently, he had no problem putting his hands all over the urine drain. $50, are you shittin' me?