Lil Wayne Meltsdown At Celebrity Beach Bowl


Rapper Lil Wayne had a meltdown at the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl on Saturday screaming at someone off camera demanding to be looked at when the person apologized to him.

The video was from the post game trophy ceremony awarded to the blue team featuring Michael Strahan and comedian Artie Lange.  During the presentation, the camera shakes and coming into view Lil Wayne is yelling at someone to the right of the camera, “Look at me motherfu*ker.  Look at me when you apologize.”

I assume that a producer or someone helping the cameraman ran into Wayne by accident.  Eddie George and Desmond Howard restrain Wayne and the camera cuts back to the presentation.

Lil Wayne has a long history of being a raging jerk at sporting events, especially after claiming that OKC Thunder didn’t give him front row tickets because they are racist.

Source: [Deadspin]

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