Jon Gruden Has Lost His Mind

Jon Gruden Has Lost His Mind

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What in the blue f*ck is this?

First off, Jon Gruden might be the only person still left on the Tony Romo bandwagon.  There is a serious man-crush going on there.

The video starts with Gruden proclaiming the Cowboys quarterback’s talent during the opening of last night’s Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears Monday Night Football matchup.

“He is the most dazzling quarterback in the NFL.”

Really?  With that logic I can proclaim myself the most dazzling sports writer on the internet; I write 3 insanely great articles a year and the rest of the time I completely suck.

What is with that dance?

What is with that Clint Eastwood impression?

Mike Tirico is probably sitting there wonder why he couldn’t not have teamed up with Dennis Miller.

Sidenote: Can someone at ESPN help Chucky with his appearance.  Jesus, he must be the most disheveled looking broadcaster in all of sports.

Source: [DieHardSport]


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