Jeremy Maclin Had Some Serious Alligator Arms

Jeremy Maclin Had Some Serious Alligator Arms

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The Philadelphia Eagles dropped to 3-6 on the season after a 38-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.  The Eagles disappointing season could be summed up in the play above.  Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin getting a case of “alligator arms” going over the middle trying to avoid a big hit from Gerald Sensabaugh.  It didn’t work.  Sensabaugh unloaded on Maclin anyway.

This is one of the biggest pull-ups in recent memory.  However, the play was practically forgotten when Maclin caught a touchdown pass just a few plays later…but we remembered!

Eagles’ players have a history of getting “alligator arms” when seasons aren’t going to well, e.g. Ricky “for who, for what?” Watters.

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