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Boston Mayor Menino Butchers Patriots Names

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I just need to know from the people of Boston, you vote for Mayor Tom Menino every election solely based on the fact that you love these moments as much as I do.

Menino spoke with the mayor of Baltimore over the phone in some good old-fashioned trash talking before their respective teams meet up this weekend in the AFC Championship game.  Menino did what Menino does and butchered the names of Vince Wilfork and Rob Gronkowski – calling them “Wilcott” and “Gonk.”

There was one name that Menino had no trouble with, Tom Brady.  Because he repeated it about seven times.

Yes, Menino is wearing a Wilfork jersey.


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Hey Shawn, don't be a dick.


Video doesn't play on android. Update your stuff.


The video is from a news station in Boston...and they have a shitty player. Sorry


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