Wrong Chris Conte is Receiving Your Angry Tweets

Wrong Chris Conte is Receiving Your Angry Tweets

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Chris Conte blown coverage

This was the play that ultimately ended the Chicago Bears season. Bears safety Chris Conte seems to stay in a zone coverage while the rest of his defensive backs are locked into man-to-man coverage.  The 4th down play turned into a 48-yard touchdown reception for Randall Cobb. But, hey, one play doesn’t decide a football game, right?

Tell that to these Bears fans who were so angry that they went to Twitter to spew their venom against Conte. 

One problem, the person who owns the Twitter account @chrisconte happens to be a news reporter in Nashville and not the Bears safety.

Let’s just say, he had a rough night.

Let’s look at some of the worst that Conte had to endure.

Even when people found out that @chrisconte was the reporter and not the Bears safety, it didn’t stop.

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