I Was Banned From Playing Pee Wee Football Too

I Was Banned From Playing Pee Wee Football Too

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Elijah Earnheart Banned From Playing Pee Wee Football

When the story of a suburban Dallas boy, Elijah Earnheart, who was barred from playing pee wee football because his 6-foot-1 and almost 300 pound frame is more than 150 pounds over the league’s weight limit started to make headlines around the country, I was surprised.

I didn’t understand why this story became such a big deal.

Weight limits have always existed in pee wee football leagues.  As a 6-foot tall 180 pound 8th grader, I was 30 pounds over the 150 pound weight limit that was allowed in my Southern New Jersey league.  I never got the chance to play.

I went through the same frustrations and disappointment that Elijah is going through.  I turned to other avenues, like soccer, but a friend of mine who was in the same situation just waited till high school and participated at that level where weight restrictions do not exist.

The problem with this story lies with the mother, Cindy Earnheart.  Thousands of mothers (including 3 others in your league) have dealt with this same situation, you seem to be the only one taking it to an embarrassingly high level.

Cindy talked to the Associated Press, “No one is telling boys who are too thin or too small that they can’t play football,” she said. “Why tell my kid he’s too big? She added: “Isn’t bigger better in football? Football is a contact sport. If you don’t want your son tackled, get him off the field.”

You know what Cindy, you’re right.  Everything you said is 100% accurate at every level of football, EXCEPT PEE WEE.  Good job placing the blame on everyone else too.

The article also mentioned that Elijah has other avenues to play football with the local middle school team, which is an amazing opportunity that most of us big kids never had.