I Think Mike Greenberg Has Lost His Mind

I Think Mike Greenberg Has Lost His Mind

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Maybe ESPN’s Mike Greenberg started hitting the eggnog a little hard on Monday night, when he tweeted out a declaration that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had an “MVP caliber season” and is a “great” player.

I don’t know what Greenberg considers as an MVP caliber season, but you can have fun over at ESPN’s stats page and see that Romo barely cracks the Top 5 in a quarterback category and his team is only 8-7.

His quarterback rating is 96.7 which is 6th, his Total QBR is 13th, 31 TDs is tied for third, and he is 10th in yards. All good numbers but not MVP “caliber.”

If Greenberg slurped Romo any harder he might get a brain freeze.

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