New York Jets Backup QB (Not Named Tebow) Throws Football 50 Yards Into Trash Can


This is Matt Simms, the 5th string quarterback on the New York Jets roster, who makes this amazing 50 yard throw into a garbage can at training camp. I can only imagine how big that teeth-whitened enhanced smile must have been on Sal Paolantonio who basically shares a dorm room with Tim Tebow these days.

And if you were wondering, yes, from that Simms family. No word if Matt is as annoying as his father Phil or has an appendix as weak as his brother Chris but he can sure throw the pigskin around. Glad to see Matt making it on Sportscenter because he will most likely be cut by the time the season begins.

I would goof on Matt more but I’m afraid Phil would try to take a swing at me.

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