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Jerry Jones Has A Personal EyeGlass Cleaner

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Jerry Jones Gets His Glasses Cleaned By Someone Else

This was my favorite highlight from the NFL’s Opening Night game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had someone else cleaning his eyeglasses and the whole thing was caught by NBC’s camera.

Let me tell you how I missed the chance to break this story…

This happened around 9:59pm.  You know how I know the exact time?  Because I witnessed this thing first hand BUT my DVR ruined my chance to break the story online.  In the online sports world, its only a matter of minutes before something goes viral and generally the first website with the story wins.  I was the first website with the video of Brent Musburger being censored by ESPN on the first Saturday night college football broadcast on ABC, within seconds of hitting the “publish” button my site when from 20 active visitors to 315.

Las night when I saw the cleaning episode on NBC, I was finishing writing an article about Mary Jo Fernandez staring at Venus Williams’ boobs.  I had two more lines to go and said to myself, “just finish this and then grab the video of Jerry Jones.”  Except a minute later at 10pm, my DVR had two recordings scheduled [none of which were the football game] and it changed station and that video was gone.  Of course, over night the story started to break and I was able to get this screen grab from Deadspin at 9am this morning.

But my opportunity to have a huge traffic day was missed…Dammnit!



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