Jadeveon Clowney Delivers Biggest Hit Of Bowl Season


South Carolina defensive stud Jadeveon Clowney delivered a game-changing hit on Vincent Smith to help rally his Gamecocks to a 33-28 victory of Michigan in the 2013 Outback Bowl.

There is so much awesome on this one hit its hard to imagine that you will see a better one all year, even in the NFL.

Clowney was able to cut through the Wolverines offensive line with ease to deliver a punishing hit that sent Smith’s helmet flying backwards almost 10 yards and than with one hand, recover the football.

I wouldn’t be surprise of Clowney took the whole Michigan cheerleading squad home with him like a conquering warlord.

Announcer Jon Gruden was so excited after the hit, he said “breast” instead of “breath.”

“give me this long to catch my breast”


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