Watch This Amazing Soccer Style Alley-Oop Dunk

Watch This Amazing Soccer Style Alley-Oop Dunk

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This is probably the most well-coordinated and executed alley-oop dunk that I’ve ever seen. It was selected as an ESPN Top Play on Tuesday night.

The two guys involved are Pat The Roc and G. Smith.  Pat The Roc does the heavy lifting in this dunk, showing off some amazing footwork as the initiator of the play.

Pat starts just outside the 3-point line and starts this sequence of events:

  • Moves ball between legs from left-to-right hand.
  • Dribbles ball back between his legs from right-to-left
  • Before the ball can bounce back up to his hand, he kicks the ball using his left heel up towards the backboard.

G. Smith slam dunk.

If you don’t know Pat The Roc, he is a former And 1 streetballer and you can check out his bio here.

This happened at the 3rd annual CRL Good Life Foundation Celebrity Game and Dunk Contest held at the GNA High School in Nanticoke PA.

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