Marc Gasol Used Shoe To Play Defense


Memphis Grizzles center Marc Gasol may not be as annoying as his older brother Pau Gasol but he is still very irritating.  Nothing proved that more than on Saturday night’s 90-84 loss to the Utah Jazz when Gasol used his shoe to try and knock away the ball from Derrick Favors.

One play earlier, Favors failed in his defense of a Gasol 5-foot turn around jumper but instead landed on the back part of his shoe which knocked it off his foot – commonly known as a “flat tire.”

Normally when something like this happens, play is stopped for player safety.  It wasn’t.  Gasol teammate, Ed Davis, picked up the shoe and handed it to Gasol as they set up to play defense.

Play was still not stopped.

Of course the Jazz attacked the one-shoed Gasol, by passing to Favors so he could drive to the basket.  Gasol, who was still holding his shoe in his right hand, used it as he attempted to knock the ball away. He was promptly called for a foul.

Favors is a nice man because I would’ve turned around and punched Gasol right in the throat.  Gasol was obviously frustrated that the refs did not stop play for him to put his shoe back on but he was borderline using that shoe as a weapon on Favors.

Here is my fist.  Show me your esophagus.

Marc Gasol Shoe Defense

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