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When Did Unibrows Become Socially Acceptable?

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Anthony Davis Mom Unibrow Mask

Get ready for every sports blog in the world to focus on Kentucky’s Anthony Davis’ epic unibrow as we head into March Madness.  I was a little late to the game only recognizing the ridiculousness of his “hair visor” during the early rounds of the SEC conference tournament.

I had just assumed that Davis didn’t have any close family members or friends because how could anyone allow him to grow that fucking thing.  Than the most bizarre thing happened at the SEC Championship game, Davis’ mom showed up wearing a white mask with a giant unibrow painted across the top.


What kind of sick parents allow their kids to look like that.

I know Davis is projected to go #1 overall in the next year’s draft, but how do you not question the mental stability of someone who can’t handle basic grooming and comes from a family that supports it.

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Thank you for this opinion! What is wrong with this dude? I cannot stand looking at him.


Petty? Welcome Oliver, this must be the first time to our site. We specialize in petty!! Thanks for the comment!


Petty as shit.... but true, very, very, true.