Did Craig Ehlo Try To Kill Himself By Jumping On Wife’s Burning Clothes?



It’s bad enough that NBA veteran Craig Ehlo is best known for being the guy who desperately tried to defend Michael Jordan when he hit “The Shot” against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the series-game-shot-career-legend-clinching Game 5 of the first round of the 1989 Eastern Conference playoffs but now he was recently arrested for setting a pile of clothes on fire outside of his home in Washington

From The Spokes-Man Review:

“As (deputies) approached, they saw two males holding down another male on the ground, who was Craig” Ehlo, Chamberlin said.

Deputies detained Ehlo and began to question witnesses.

“Through the investigation, the deputies learned that Craig had a domestic dispute. He had been arguing with his wife earlier in the evening,” he said.

The family members then heard strange noises coming from the garage. They went out and “saw Craig piling up clothes next to the garage and he lit them on fire,” Chamberlin said.

The family members told the deputies they were holding Ehlo down because “they thought he was … going to run and jump onto the fire. That’s why he was being detained on the ground.”

If I’m reading this correctly it seems that Ehlo’s family was scared that he was going to light himself on fire by jumping into a pile of his wife’s burning clothes?


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