Umpire Blocks Brayan Pena’s Tag On Will Middlebrooks


Brayan Pena tag blocked by umpire

Luckily for MLB Umpire Rob Drake, this play had no real impact on the outcome of the Boston Red Sox 4-3 Game 5 win over the Detroit Tigers in the 2013 ALCS.

Because if it did…he might’ve ended up umpiring the Little League World Series next year.

Tigers catcher Brayan Pena raced down the third base line in an attempt to tag our Will Middlebrooks.  The play was going to be close until Drake decided to position inches from the bag and blocked Pena’s glove from making the tag.

I love watching Drake struggle to get back to his feet and finally call Middlebrooks safe.

Source: [The Big Lead]

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