Leave It To A Mets Fan to Ruin A No-Hitter Celebration


Alright, so I don’t have any real historical evidence that proves Mets fans traditional ruin great moments but when Johan Santana completed the first no-hitter in the 50 year history of the New York Mets the celebration was somewhat overshadowed by a jean shorts wearing fan that ran onto the field.

For those of you that think I’ve lost my mind, watch the video of the final at bat of the no-hitter (fast forward to the 1:45 mark for the celebration) and I’ll explain below.

When moments like this happen, as a fan, they last a lifetime.  I’ve read articles from Mets supporters claiming this to be one of the top 3 moments in the history of the franchise.  However, that night and next morning the blog world was talking about this Gary Carter-jersey wearing fan being tackled in the backdrop of the celebration.

Even when I first saw that video, I mumbled to myself “douchebag.”

Now, Im struggling to figure out if this fan is just another self-centered New Yorker trying to get his moment in the spotlight by riding the coat tails of greatness – kind of like what the Mets traditional do during interleague play against the Yankees.  Or is this the work of a genius fan perfectly timing a celebration that will live in barroom stories for many years to come.  I tend to lean toward the former.

Either way.  Enjoy your Citi Field lifetime ban, Dickwad.

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Alex Balcerski is the owner of RideThePine.com and a former radio talk show host for CBS Radio. His work has been featured on SportsIllustrated.com, Fox Sports, MSN, and the Los Angeles Times.