Can This Girl Ever Forgive Dude For Bailing On This Baseball?


“Nice Going, boyfriend”

St. Louis Cardinals’ Pete Kozma drilled a home run to deep center against Heath Bell of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the top of the seventh inning last night.  The ball traveled directly at two fans enjoying the game.  The dude bailed out of the way.  The chick decided to wear the baseball like a new necklace.

If this girl hasn’t already dumped this chicken-shit the dude might as well just break-up with her because he will never hear the end of this.

“I love you, baby!”
“You love me so much that you let a baseball drill me in the neck.”

Alex Balcerski is the owner of and a former radio talk show host for CBS Radio. His work has been featured on, Fox Sports, MSN, and the Los Angeles Times.