I’m Pretty Sure This Kid Is Pounding A Beer At The Atlanta Braves Game


The New York Yankees are visiting the Atlanta Braves tonight on ESPN and in the Top of the 4th as Alex Rodriguez was returning to the dugout after striking out to Tim Hudson there was a young looking man/kid in a blue shirt drinking out of a plastic cup.

The drink seems to be light-brownish (like a beer) and last I remember they don’t serve apple juice at MLB stadiums and if they did I don’t know of any non-bottle drinks except a beer.  But I’ve never been to Turner Field in Atlanta, so I don’t know what their concession menu is like.  Maybe this is a standard non-alcoholic drink that was poured into a plastic cup.

You be the judge!

Kid Drinking Beer At Atlanta Braves Game

Atlanta Braves Beer Kid

Atlanta Braves Beer Kid

His buddy’s face is priceless too!  These kids are ballin’ sitting that close to the field!

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