[Poll] Which NBA Player Looks The Dumbest In Glasses


The style of the NBA players in the post game press conference has been as talked about as the actually play on the court in the 2012 Playoffs and with all of the crazy shirts and jackets the common denominator has been the big black-rimmed glasses (with or without lens).

We ask all of you, who looks the dumbest?

Lebron James after Game 6 against the Boston Celtics

Lebron James Game 6 Post Game Press Conference

Dwyane Wade After Game 5 against the Boston Celtics

Dwyane Wade with lensless glasses

Russell Westbrook Rocking the Red-Rimmed Glasses

Russell Westbrook Hooks Shirt

Remember, they all look really dumb but vote on who looks the dumbest! I removed Kevin Durant from this list because he at least as a prescription.

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