I Feel Better Knowing Zdeno Chara Was Not Alone At Canobie Lake...

I Feel Better Knowing Zdeno Chara Was Not Alone At Canobie Lake Park

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When the picture of Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara jammed into the Rowdy Rooster ride at Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire hit the internet today, I was worried.   Chara seemed like he was in some sort of catatonic state after the Bruins shocking defeat in Game 6, and subsequent loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final. He was on a kid’s ride by himself, for Christ’s sake.

zdeno chara canopie lake park

Things got worse after doing some research on Twitter, I found another picture of Chara looking even more depressed while posing for a picture with a family.

Luckily the guys at BustedCoverage were able to dig up another picture of Chara but this time holding his kids.


I know its a low hanging fruit but I’m shocked that almost no one on the internet has pointed out the fact that Chara is riding a giant cock.

Anyway listen up, kids. Today’s final life lesson is about the differences between winners and losers.

Winners, like Patrick Kane, are guest on David Letterman’s show and get to spray champagne on people from the top floor of a swanky bar.

Patrick Kane sprays champagne
Instagram: stevegogreen

Losers, get the cock.

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