Ryan Lochte And Prince Harry Race In A Las Vegas Night Club...

Ryan Lochte And Prince Harry Race In A Las Vegas Night Club Pool At 3am

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Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry In Las Vegas Pool
Ryan Lochte (left, in white shirt) and Prince Harry (center)

The New York Daily News has exclusive video of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry hanging out at XS NightClub pool in Las Vegas and participating in a late-night race.  Sidenote: Daily News totally butchered the video plastering the logo all over the center.  Haven’t they ever heard of lower thirds? Seriously, look at this screenshot…

Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte Race

Lochte won the race. It seems that swimming comes a lot easier than trying to walk and talk at the same time when he is acting.

Harry was also spotted at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic two days earlier on Saturday, you know, just creeping behind a big busty blond chicks.

Gotta respect Harry, just doing his Prince thing.

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He's a young, single guy doing what he should be doing. Leave him alone ya prudes!


good for him............