Mary-Kate Olsen With Creepy Boyfriend At Knicks


Mary-Kate Olsen and Boyfriend at Knicks Game


When I first saw this picture from the Knicks 104-94 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night, I wanted to know why Martin Short was pretending to rape one of the Olsen twins.

After a little more research I found out that the man is 42 year-old Olivier Sarkozy, the boyfriend of 26 year-old Mary-Kate Olsen.

Remember when the Olsen twins were 16 and people were just waiting for them to turn 18?  Remember that website with a countdown clock dedicated to that moment?  The Olsen twins are the definition of a first round bust.  They had unbelievable amount of hotness potential and it just never panned out.

I don’t know who has the bigger issues in this picture; Mark-Kate’s Daddy issues or Sakkozy’s Creepy issues.


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