Lebron James Still Kissing His Mom On The Lips At Halftime


Lebron James Kissing His Mom At Halftime of Game 5

Seriously? Again?

We ripped into Lebron James during halftime of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals when the camera caught him kissing his mom on the lips as he walked into the locker room.   Guess what?  Game 5 gave us the same creepy image.

Why does Gloria James insist on getting a kiss from her son during halftime?  Let me give you a real world parallel of why this is so bizarre.  Imagine your mom showing up at your work and waiting for a kiss as you head to the lunch room?  Sounds fucked up, right?

What type of mommy issues does Lebron have that he can’t tell his mom to leave him the hell alone while he works?

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