Lebron James Kissing His Mom On The Lips


Lebron James Kisses Mom

I’m so glad that our friends from BustedCoverage saw the same thing I did.

As Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals went into halftime, I was half paying attention to the television.  Lebron James did an interview for ESPN and was followed into the locker room by a camera crew at its conclusion.

It seemed nothing out of the ordinary, when I saw some lady dressed in white just standing there by herself.  In fact, I kind of assumed that it was Lebron’s fiancé after he kissed the woman on the lips.

Turns out I was wrong.

Yep, that was Gloria James – Lebron’s mom.[box type=”info”] LIFE LESSON: You should stop kissing your mother on the lips when you are old enough to talk and formulate the sentence – “Stop kissing me on the lips, Mom. Its weird.”[/box]


Do you think Bron-Bron is just trying to be respectful to the woman who still provides his nutrients.

Lebron James Breast Feeding Time Magazine


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