L.A. Kings Are Dominating Every Aspect of New Jersey Devils


Kings Jersey Shore Cutouts for Devils

Can you think of one aspect in which the Los Angeles Kings are not completely dominating the New Jersey Devils?

You already know that the Kings are up 3-0 and will most likely capture the Stanley Cup tonight for the first time in their franchise history.

The Kings have the best twitter account in sports (its shockingly hilarious for a team-owned account), they have the hottest daughter of a former NHL player in Paulina Gretzky as a fan, and they have the best looking Ice Girls in the league.

Now their fans are just completely dominating the awesomeness category when they made giant cut-out heads of the cast of the Jersey Shore and held it behind the Devils bench in Game 3 in LA.

On the bright side, NBC Sports Network is available in the 100-200 channel category, which has helped the ratings (smh, no it hasn’t)

Source: [Deadspin]

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