Football Player Suffers Gruesome Oil Burn Cooking Bloomin’ Onion

Football Player Suffers Gruesome Oil Burn Cooking Bloomin’ Onion

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Kyle Smith Bloomin Onion Injury

Meet Kyle Smith.  He is a sophomore defensive tackle for NAIA Carroll College in Montana and he has probably suffered one of the more gruesome injuries from the cooking of a Bloomin’ Onion ever.

Smith was heating up some cooking oil on the stove in his girlfriend’s house when the oil started to smoke.

Details from the Casper Star-Tribune:

“Kyle didn’t want the smoke alarms to go off so he grabbed the pot off the stove and was taking it outside,” his girlfriend, Christie Fredericks said. “The next thing I know the lid popped and the oil overflowed. Kyle slipped on the oil and it burned him.

“By that time the house was starting to fill with smoke and Kyle was just screaming at me and my daughter to get out of the house.”

“I couldn’t see Kyle at first because of all the smoke,” Fredericks said. “And then I heard him screaming, ‘Call 911 … my feet are burnt off.’

Smith will have to remain in bed for another week and at the Burn Center for at least one more month. After that, doctors estimate that it will be four months until he is able to run and “probably six months” before he can begin working out.

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Bloomin Onion Oil Burn

College Football Player Bloomin Onion

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Source: [Deadspin]

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