What Is The Proper Term For Chris Christie’s Fatness?

What Is The Proper Term For Chris Christie’s Fatness?

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Chris Christie FUPA Little League

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in attendance at the Little League World Series on Sunday when Japan defeated California.  Christie was interviewed during the game and was looking as slim as ever.

Oh, except for that giant bulge about to burst out of his pants.

When this photo started to go viral, a lot of sites were referring to that bulge as Christie’s “FUPA.”  Truthfully, I never heard of that acronym before.  After doing a little research I discovered that FUPA stands for – Fat Upper Pubic Area.

I’m unfamiliar with the term FUPA because I always referred to that fat bulge as a “gunt” or “male gunt” – the combination of “gut” and “cunt.”  I also saw the term “gock” – “gut” and “cock” – that refers to that fatty bulge too.

I don’t know about you but I’m all in for gunt.  FUPA just doesn’t sound insulting enough and gock can be confused for a gun.

Sidenote: Christie needs to fire his public relations person.  He should never be interviewed while sitting down again.

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