Celtics Post Game 6 Message: “Pack For A Week” – And The...

Celtics Post Game 6 Message: “Pack For A Week” – And The Jinx Is On

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Boston Celtics - Pack For A Week

Talk about your all time backfires…

I normally don’t crush a team for motivational talk, bravado or arrogance.  Behind close doors it happens and should happen.  However, when your official twitter account blasts out this picture instructing the Celtics to “pack for a week” in anticipation of traveling to OKC for Game 1 & 2 of the NBA Finals, you are just asking to be jinxed.

No need to tweet this.

It reminds me of this images that the NFL shows of teams that already packed for the Super Bowl prior to the NFC/AFC Championship games.

If I was the Miami Heat Twitter account I would post a picture of 12 plane tickets to Hawaii for the Celtics, so they get a chance to wear all of those clothes they packed.


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