I Guess Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart Will Spend The Holidays Together


Brynn Cameron

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin announced on Monday that Brynn Cameron gave birth to Griffin’s first child, a boy reportedly named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin and born on Aug. 1. Griffin confirmed the birth to the Los Angeles Times.

The fact that Griffin had a child out of wedlock is not the interesting part of the story.

The fact that the mother, Brynn, already had a child with former USC star quarterback Matt Leinart is interesting.

FoxSports.com has more:

Cameron, a 27-year-old former basketball player at USC, is also the mother of former USC quarterback Matt Leinart’s child, a 6-year-old boy named Cole. Cameron and Leinart dated while the two were at USC, and shortly after their breakup she announced she was pregnant. Drama ensued that ended with Cameron being awarded child support. Multiple reports indicate that Griffin and Cameron are no longer dating.

The New York Times did a profile on Cameron in 2009:

Cameron, 22, met Leinart as a freshman when he introduced himself during study hall. They shared a laugh about how they wore the same uniform number, 11. Cameron said she had been uneasy with Leinart’s celebrity but was won over by his charm and by the goofy sense of humor they shared.

They dated for more than a year but broke up near the end of Leinart’s senior season. Soon after, Cameron learned she was pregnant.

Talk about a move.  Relationship is coming to an end and BOOM – cut the condoms, forget your pill, convince them that “pull-out” method works – whatever it takes.

Nice rack on this broad too.

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