ESPN Actually Showed A Graph Of Adam Schefter’s Tweets Per Hour


Adam Schefter Tweet Graphic

I guess in a 24-hour news cycle, sometimes you just run out of things to talk about.  During Wednesday’s SportsCenter a graphic that tracked NFL insider Adam Schefter‘s tweets per hour during the start of free agency was actually shown on television.  Seriously.

For the sports purist out there and the ESPN haters, this graphic probably drives you nuts.  You probably feel the same if you dislike cheesy, smug looking reporters.

The NFL free agency period started officially at 4pm on March 12th, so its no surprise that Schefter’s was at his busiest during the hour prior to the start time.  During the 3pm hour, Schefter was averaging a tweet every 2.5 minutes.  I just think its cute that the little guy could get his tiny hands working that fast.


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