Exhibit A: Aaron Hernandez Gun Selfie

Exhibit A: Aaron Hernandez Gun Selfie

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TMZ Aaron Hernandez Gun SelfieHere are words of advice – if someone you know takes a selfie holding up a gun, run the other flipping way.  TMZ obtained this photo taken in Gainesville, Florida back in 2009.

Sweet bedazzling around that logo on your shirt.

Who the hell does Aaron Hernandez send this picture to?

A girl?  OMG. Seeing you hold a gun, in no way makes me think you will be over protective or completely freak out if I talk to another male.
Best friend?  Dude, that is why we are BFF.  You always got my back/shoot my back.
Teammate?  Do you mind not blowing anyone’s head off before the SEC Championship?
Police?  Hey, why don’t you stop by the station.  We want to show you the new cells we built.

If Hernandez was my boy and he texted me this picture, this is how I would respond.

Didn’t know you played for the D-bags?

I would’ve probably ended up face down in a Florida swap.

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