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If you poop in public, you're a weirdo.

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"Calm the Fuck Down" and watch our show.

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It will be tough to steal crab legs while still suffering the effects of a RKO

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"Calm the fuck down, or we'll all be caught stealing crab legs."

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What's up with this whole blowing another man's face.

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"How's the Nacho Cheese, Baby.

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You suck, Redskins suck, Eagles suck...why are you celebrating.

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At least the Redskins fans haven't given up on the season...oh, wait.

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Just openly mocking Lou Holtz speech impediment? Want a job?

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Seriously, we're surprised it took this long.
Marcus Mariota Heisman ceremony

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Don't they make a forehead sweat stick?

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Everyone who voted for you, hates the Cowboys.
Jose Canseco finger

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Jose Canseco's finger is now just a little bit less gross.
Gronk cat

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Gronk, how are you spaghetti arms?
hannah storm milf

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What's up, older lady. You still got some game.
Amanda Dufner hot

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Mismatch of the Century