2012 Dream Team Seems Very Underwhelming

2012 Dream Team Seems Very Underwhelming

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2012 United States Men's Olympic Basketball Team

Just looking at the first team photo of the 2012 United States Men’s Basketball team, they don’t seem too happy or even excited.  I’m going to call them The Underwhelm Team.  The final three spots were finalized yesterday with Andre Iguodala, James Harden, and Blake Griffin.  Sidenote: How was Griffin not a lock when the team was announced?  He is the only one I’m excited to see.

3.5 smiles is what I counted from Kevin Love, Tyson Chandler, Chris Paul, and Griffin with the .5 smirk.  Everyone else looks like they just lost their dog…or can’t believe they have to give up their summer vacation.  I thought playing in the Olympics is suppose to be great, exciting, and a highlight for a career.  Maybe these guys are just all Isiah Thomas fans and are protesting the selection process?

Will they win gold?  Probably.  But they don’t seem to really care.

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