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Yabba-Dabba Do! Yell At US Open

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There has been a long tradition of fans yelling from the gallery at golf events after a tee shot.  As a kid, I always remember the chants of “you da man” and “it’s in the hole.”  Over the past couple of years the screams have gotten outrageous with people yelling things like “mashed potatoes” to Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk.  At the 2012 US Open at The Olympic Club in San Francisco, I heard a brand new yell of “yabba-dabba do” after Graeme McDowell‘s tee shot on the 15th.

Instant Reaction:

Yabba-Dabba Do > Mashed Potatoes

Golf is going hipster with The Flintstones reference…and I’m cool with it.


how is the guy an "A-hole" do you know why that guy did that in front of the camera. It was a joke, because they were on NBC, and their logo is a peacock. He did a peacock call, it was funny and if you think its not you have no sense of humor, and the nobody golfer that won is a dbag, tiger would have laughed so hard.


Yeah, there was some ass hole yelling something different after every shot. I wonder if it's the same ass hole that got in front of the camera at the award ceremony? Fucking tool.