Tiger Woods Still Struggles To Celebrate A Victory

Tiger Woods Still Struggles To Celebrate A Victory

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78 PGA Tour victories, still sucks at winning.

At what point will Tiger Woods come up with a celebration game plan?  Woods officially won the 2013 Players Championship while sitting in the clubhouse after he watched David Lingmerth miss a birdie putt attempt on the 18th green.  The camera captured the moment Tiger realized he won the championship and every second after was just cringe-worthy.

Tiger gets up from his chair and starts to walk towards caddy Joe LaCava, who’s hand is outstretched to congratulate Woods.
Woods ignores the possibility of a handshake and goes straight for a hug.
Woods shoves LaCava in the chest while yelling, “how about that, huh?”
Woods than quickly raises his fist for the Obama-pump but LaCava doesn’t return the favor and instead slaps his fist.
LaCava proceeds to shove Woods into the next room.


I’ve been tracking Tiger’s terrible golf celebrations for a while now and you can check out one of my early episodes of Ride The Pine from 2010 that breaks down some of his worst.

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