Jose Canseco Dancing In A Speedo Vine

Jose Canseco Dancing In A Speedo Vine

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I wasn’t really sure what to title this article.  When I first saw that Vine that Jose Canseco‘s daughter, Josie, posted online, I wanted to throw up.  Which gave me my first article title of – “Jose Canseco Dancing In A Speedo Vine will make you throw up your Sunday Brunch.”

By the third time the Vine looped, I started to laugh hysterically and found myself doing the Canseco dance on my couch.  The new working title became “Jose Canseco’s Speedo Dance Might Make You Tingely”

At loop #10, it hit me that his daughter cheering him on, yelling out “go daddy.” That awkwardness led to the generic title you see above – because I don’t know what to think.

The one thing you have to love about post-baseball Canseco is that he is not afraid to put it out there, junk and all.

Source: [BustedCoverage]