Dave Bolland Couldn’t Make Brad Marchand Flinch

Dave Bolland Couldn’t Make Brad Marchand Flinch

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Dave Bolland Brad Marchand Flinch Game

You remember as kids when you played the game “2 for flinching?”  It’s the game when you pretend to punch one of your buddies and if they flinch, you get two free punches.

I’m guessing that Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand was rarely on the receiving end of those punches, after seeing him not react to Dave Bolland of the Chicago Blackhawks throw a fake punch during the 2nd period of Game 2 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.  Bolland was upset after he was called for a tripping penalty and made this move on his way to the penalty box.

How lame is Bolland?  This is hockey.  Faking to punch someone is almost as lame as flopping.

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