Andrew Shaw To Devin Setoguchi: “I’m Gonna F**king Kill You”


Andrew Shaw - You're Dead

Emotions are running pretty high in Game 3 of the NHL Western Conference quarterfinals between the Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild. Towards the end of the first period there was a little scrum behind the Blackhawks goal and the two that were going at it were Andrew Shaw from the Blackhawks and Devin Setoguchi of the Wild.

Setoguchi came around the goal and made contact with Shaw.  The contact wasn’t severe enough to draw a penalty but Shaw was pretty upset as he headed back to the bench and had a few words for Setoguchi.

I’m not a professional lip reader but Shaw makes it pretty easy to understand what he was trying to say.

Top GIF: “You’re fucking dead.  You’re fucking dead.”

Bottom GIF:  “I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

Andrew Shaw - I'm Going To Kill You

This is why hockey playoffs are the best.

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