Kent State Returns Fumble The Wrong Way

Kent State Returns Fumble The Wrong Way

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Well this is just about the dumbest play you will ever see in college football…and its only the first week.

As Kent State punted to the Towson Tigers in the final seconds of the first half, Kent State’s Andre Parker recovered a fumble after it deflected off of the Towson’s punt returner.

Great hustle.  Except Parker ran the wrong way.

What makes this play even dumber is that two Towson players tackled Parker instead of letting him run into their end zone for a touchback.

My two favorite moments in this clip.

  1. :20 mark when the bald Towson coach sprints down the sideline and starts yelling at his players for tackling the wrong-way runner.
  2. :30 mark when Parker realizes that he just went the wrong way.

The play was later called back and the ball was ruled down at the 7-yard line.



WOW. Nothing else to say, just wow. And to think these guys are just one step away from the bigtime.