Tom Brady Looks Like Lisa Loeb


In protest of Barak Obama’s reelection Todd Coffey deleted his twitter account. Saying he will be back in 4 years, if we can make it 4 more years. First off, who the hell is Todd Coffey?  Judging by the size of Todd Coffey, he may not make it 4 more years. How about instead of deleting twitter from your life maybe you delete cheesecake instead.

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off one of the trickiest plays I’ve ever seen on a kickoff return when wide receiver Riley Cooper laid in the end zone trying to camouflage himself in the Saints lettering and it worked.  Except the forward pass was illegal and the touchdown was called back.

Here is a public service announcement to all NBA sideline reporters, don’t ever ask Gregg Popovich if he is happy?

I thought it was really cute that Bob Kraft took his granddaughter girlfriend to a red carpet event.


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