I’m Sick Of The San Francisco Giants

I’m Sick Of The San Francisco Giants

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The San Francisco Giants won the World Series in impressive fashion by sweeping the Detroit Tigers.  I would congratulate them except the Giants really annoy me.  Why does everyone on the team need a gimmick or a “thing” or a marketing plan? It all started with  Brian Wilson, who turned into a star after growing a ridiculously large beard.  Than his injury replacement, Sergio Romo grew a little beard.  Tim Lincecum has long hair and goes by “The Freak.”  World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval is the Kung-Fu Panda, Hunter Pence has crazy eyes and Angel Pagan has a veiny neck.  Just enough already.  I’d rather watch NHL strike coverage for the rest of my life than having to suffer through another Giants World Series game.

Another bonus of having the World Series end in a sweep is that we were only had to listen to Tim McCarver for the absolute minimum amount of games.  He’s brutal.

Lots of turmoil for the Philadelphia Eagles as its rumored that coach Andy Reid will most likely bench quarterback Michael Vick in favor of rookie quarter Nick Foles to try and spark something for the underachieving Eagles.  Maybe Reid can spark the team by stopping his slow transition into a walrus.  How can a team play hard for him know that at any moment he could be killed for his ivory tusks.

How do you think a Polish MMA fight would end?

Yep.  Double-Accidental Headbutt Knockout.