Was Paul George Catfished?


When are professional athletes going to learn, that when you take selfies off your dick…it will probably end up on the internet.

Indiana Pacers star Paul George was involved in one of the more bizarre stories of the week as provocative pictures that he took of himself ended up on the internet.
George was allegedly the victim of a “catfishing” scheme by a man.
Let’s check out Urban Dictornary to explain catfish
“A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using social media to create false identities.”
Let’s check out Ride The Pine’s dictionary to find out what we call the victim of a catfish scheme.
“a fucking idiot.”
George denied the catfish claims.  The pictures got out there because of girl and he knows exactly who it is.
Look for whatever reason, athletes have no problem sending pictures of their dick to anyone with a cell phone.
That’s not news.
What is news is that George took the sexting game to a whole new level but showing us kissy lips.
Bro, no one blows kisses when their sexting.
You got the selfie game of an 8th grader.
Duck Lips.

Paul George Kissy Lips

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