NFL Cheerleaders For Order

NFL Cheerleaders For Order

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NFL teams are taking their game day experience to the next level this season by offering fans the ability to have cheerleaders com to your seats for a meet and greet during the game.

The dream is coming true.
You’re telling me that I can watch a football game live.
Order a girl to come to my seats
And not have to worry about getting food poisoning from a shady Salisbury steak buffet, next to the glitter station by the champagne room?
Sounds like heaven.
Can I bury my face in their pom-poms?

It is reasons like this the NFL will not implode in 10 years like Mark Cuban predicts.
In fact, lets look at what baseball has done to improve the fan experience next year.
The Chicago White Sox are going to offer a 3 pound, $17 ice cream sundae
The Diamondbacks are offering a $25 18-inch stuffed corn dog.
The Rangers are offering a giant piece of bacon on a stick for $7.
Sidenote: If you constantly profess your love of bacon, you’re really annoying.  Hey, what do you want for breakfast. I love bacon, I’ll have bacon-wrapped bacon on bacon bread with bacon flavored-coffee. Look, I can’t help it that bacon is the most awesome food ever.
Can you shut up?

Hey baseball, how about instead of coming up with enormous food options you find a way to not make your beers the same price as a 12 pack of Natty-Lights.

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