Darko Milicic Will Kill You


The poor Buffalo Bills. Its bad enough that they got completely smoked in the second half against the New England Patriots and ended up losing 52-28 but their ball boy got injured diving for a kickoff that went through the back of the end zone. No one circles the wagons..and then watch their wagons be set on fire…like the Buffalo Bills.

The NFL officials were back this weekend and it seems like the the refs were just a little too excited to be back in the action.  Yes, that was referee Jeff Tripplette who pushed Packers linebacker Clay Matthews twice and than goes all “chicken neck” in his face.  Alright, you guys got your moment in the sun, now its time for all of us to go back to hating you.

Safety Brandon Meriweather was excited to make his season debut on Sunday for the Washington Redskins.  Except he didn’t make it past warmups.  Both of these Redskins went inactive for Sunday’s game when they collided as Meriweather attempted to catch a pass.  If I was part of the Redskins organization, I would want to know who threw this football?  Who could be so bad that even in warmups they struggle to complete passes?  Yes, Rex Grossman I’m looking your way.

Darko Milicic signed with the Boston Celtics during the offseason and proclaimed that he would do whatever it takes to help the team.  He even said he would “kill someone” on the court.  Cool, how about you start by just averaging more than 6 points a game.  I don’t know what he would accomplish by killing someone because his career died the day he was drafted.

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said that he would rather have a Mitt Romney victory in 2012 than a winning season for his Jets.  At least Romney has a chance.

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