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I get it. I’m the asshole.

FOX Sports is trying to do something fun (and for charity), and we have to ruin it.

This video features a group of Seattle Seahawks fans who were challenged to watch the NFC Championship Game in silence. If they made it through the entire game, they would win $5,000 for their Seattle Youth Football League.

The video is pretty funny as the fans celebrate in complete silence.  Everything seems pretty legit till the final play.  Sherman deflects that infamous pass to Michael Crabtree and they go crazy.  One guy even does the worm.

Cut to FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt, who informs them that they lost the challenge but because they are such great fans they will actually get $50,000 for their youth league.

Pretty funny bit by FOX but this whole thing had to be staged, right?

You’re telling me that these fans made it through the whole game in silence, and ruined it all on the final play? Bullshit. No one seemed to care that they lost the challenge either. I know, just too big of Seahawks fans to realize they completely fucked the Youth League out of 5k.


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This Instagram video of Justin Beiber showing off his basketball skills started to go viral yesterday. Beiber does the classic white-guy-robot crossover move.

I was more intrigued by the guy Bieber was playing and how he was allowing Bieber to just embarrass him on social media.

The guy he was playing is mackmaineymcmb, and it seems that he has some videos of that game too.

Those skills seem to be a lot more Bieber-like.

Nice floater.

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Bill Belichick chest hair

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addressed the media the day after losing to the Denver Broncos in the 2014 AFC Championship.

Off-Season Belichick showed up flashing chest hair and sporting a fancy button down.

It looks like someone is ready to let loose at Studio 54.

The biggest news out of this press conference was Belichick’s comments on Wes Welker‘s hit on Talib that took him out of the game.

“I was asked about the hit on Talib, and I feel badly for Aqib,” Belichick said. “The way that play turned out — I went back and watched it, which I didn’t have a chance to yesterday.

“It was a deliberate play by the receiver to take out Aqib. No attempt to get open. I’ll let the league handle the discipline on that play, whatever they decide. It’s one of the worst plays I’ve seen. That’s all I’ll say about that.”


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Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman went on a tirade after the Seahawks clinched the NFC Championship.

When FOX reporter Erin Andrews asked Sherman to describe his game winning deflection that sealed their trip to the Super Bowl, it went something like this.


Sherman then glared into the camera and told someone to “never talk about me.”

Andrews asked the question that everyone in America was wondering – “Who was talking about you?”

I think I’m digging this Clubber Lang gimmick.

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NaVorro Bowman knee

49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman had his knee bent in a way that is just not normal during the 4th quarter of the NFC Championship.

What makes the injury even worse is that Bowman seemingly stripped and recovered a fumble by Seattle’s Kearse but it was not awarded to the 49ers.

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Pacers Paul George has been on a mission since last postseason to show that he is one of the top players in the NBA.  Last night, he executed a 360 dunk after making a steal against the Clippers.

What makes the dunk so impressive is that he spun counter-clockwise, which most people don’t do.

I once attempted this same exact move on an 8′ rim..but I got stuffed by the rim and landed on my back.

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Rajon Rondo returned for the Boston Celtics on Friday night against the Lakers. When Kobe Bryant was asked about Rondo’s journey through the knee injury he gave this pretty honest quote.

“It’s frustrating. But from what I understand he’s an asshole like me, so he’ll manage.”

]Everyone in the NBA nods head in agreement.]

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Andrew Luck spitting

So many ways we could got with the headline today but we’ll stick to the most obvious version after watching this GIF of Colts QB Andrew Luck.

This is why the Colts have played well throughout most of Luck’s early career because the players were afraid of having to endure a firery, spit-filled speech.

And no one wants to drown from spit.

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This video of Houston Rockets mascot Clutch made me laugh out loud today, literally.  Clutch surprised the Rockets players as they walked by him after practice.

The slow-motion reaction of the players is just priceless.

The video was great until Dwight Howard showed up.  A few of the players right before Howard’s appearance seemed to be aware that something was going on.  Howard throwing his phone 10 feet into the air was a complete unnatural over reaction.

Thanks, Dwight.

Sidenote: Francisco Garcia is the one who simply stared Clutch down showing no reaction and is apparently the toughest MFer around.

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Eric Weddle Beard Shirt

San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle was interviewed on ESPN’s NFL Live today and was wearing his brand new hoodie…featuring an outline of his own face.


I understand professional athletes wearing their brand, logos, etc.  There is just something not right with wearing a logo of your own face… or is it ironically hilarious.  So confused.

Shirts, featuring the same logo, are apparently being sold [info here] for $25 (10% going to charity).

Sidenote: On Twitter, Eric Weddle is not verified. But, this Eric Weddle is verified.


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Dennis Rodman and friends are officially in North Korea and for whatever reason thought it would be a good idea to be interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”

The interview is an absolute train wreck and luckily for Rodman former New York Knicks big man Charles Smith is there to try and speak rationale about the trip.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • :16 mark, Smith talks about how he originally didn’t like Rodman. Rodman laughs insanely and turns to Vin Baker, who doesn’t crack a smile.
  • Why is Cliff Robinson not wearing a headband?
  • 3:00 mark, Rodman throws his hands up at the camera. “Whatever, bro.”
  • 4:28 mark Cuomo asks Rodman about American captive Kenneth Bae and would he speak up on his behalf. – This is my favorite part.
  • 5:50 mark: Rodman – “I don’t give a shit.”
  • 6:15 mark: Rodman becomes Hulk Hogan

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Florida State kick return

The final BCS National Championship game featured one of the most exciting final five minutes in history.  Kicking off the scoring spree (literally) was Florida State‘s freshman Levonte Whitfield who returned a kickoff for a 100-yard touchdown to give the Seminoles a 27-24 lead.

I can’t stop laughing watching that poor Auburn guy trying to catch Whitfield, only to get completely burnt and fall on his face in failure.

Florida State ended up winning 34-31 and becoming the first non-SEC team to win the National Championship in seven years.